Personal Injury

Compassionate Lawyer Helping Personal Injury Victims 
Events out of your control can often have significant, devastating consequences. Traffic accidents, malpractice, personal violence, abuse or another kind of incident might not only result in emotional stress but also in difficulties due to medical costs, property damage and other expenses. Car crashes alone may have a substantial financial impact. According to the Insurance Research Council, economic losses averaged about $14,207 per car accident claimant in 2012. So if you have been injured due to no fault of your own, we will be able to assist you in getting just and fair compensation.  Serving the area for over 35 years, Reynolds Law Firm handles a wide variety of PI cases, including:
  • Auto accidents
  • Child-related injuries
  • Drunken driving accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Medical malpractice
  • Many other kinds of injuries
We may be able to help if you suffer from medical problems as a result of someone else’s actions. This often includes serious injuries, such as damage to the neck, back, head, brain and spinal cord, as well as burns, amputations, fractures and broken bones.

Choose the right attorney
When you already have a lot to deal with in the aftermath of a major catastrophic event, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the very idea of looking for a lawyer. However, choosing your legal representation with care is very important. Selecting a firm that focuses on Personal Injury cases is the first step. Reynolds Law Firm is committed to serving its clients as well as educating them about their legal rights and options.

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