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stop wage garnishments
Nothing is worse than having your hard-earned paycheck garnished by a creditor or the IRS. At Reynolds Law Firm, we know you need that money for food, bills and housing. The Reynolds team has helped clients stop wage garnishment and, in some cases, get garnished wages returned! When your paycheck is threatened, you need serious help fast. You need Chuck and his team fighting to make sure you get what was taken from you and ensure that your next check is a full one!

How can bankruptcy stop wage garnishment?

To give people filing for bankruptcy a little breathing room, the automatic stay was instituted as part of the bankruptcy process. When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will go into effect. The automatic stay will put an immediate halt to any attempts by your creditors to collect on their debt while the bankruptcy is going forward. This will stop to any wage garnishment even if you have multiple garnishments in place at once.

How much of my wages can a collector take?

The amount that each creditor can garnish varies depending on the state. Wage garnishment in Alabama generally removes about 25 percent of an employee’s gross wage and gives the money to the creditor until the debt is paid. This does not mean that each creditor with a garnishment action gets to take 25 percent of every check. In cases of multiple garnishments, the creditors have to take turns. One creditor will garnish your wages until their debt is paid and then the next creditor can step up and start collecting on their debt. Garnishment is a useful tool for a creditor to use, but it puts people living from paycheck to paycheck at a serious disadvantage.

What should I do if my wages are being garnished?

Call Chuck Reynolds. Bankruptcy can be a long and complicated process, but having an experienced attorney in your corner will make all the difference.
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