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Understanding No-Fault Divorce

Every state has particular guidelines governing divorce. It is vital to understand the divorce process in the state where you and your spouse have been residing. Before you file for divorce, you will have to verify your residency in the state. You will be required to show that you have lived in Alabama for at least six months or were stationed there as military personnel. You can then file for:
•    No-fault divorce
•    Fault-based divorce

The following are grounds for a No-fault divorce 
•    Incompatibility of the couple
•    Falling out of love
•    Abandonment of a spouse 

The following are a few grounds for a fault divorce
•    Drug and alcohol use
•    Adultery 
•    Imprisonment 
•    Domestic abuse
•    Pregnancy by another man 
Once you have filed, the procedure is as follows:
1.    Filing Forms - The divorcing couple files a series of forms. A summary divorce can be granted if the couple agree on all issues and waive a final hearing. If there is a disagreement over property or issues regarding children, the parties will then have a final hearing.
2.    The Final Hearing - Each party presents his or her case as well as forms relating to child or property issues. At the provisional hearing, the judge gives temporary rulings on management of children or property. The final hearing is rarely final, since there are usually complexities involving real estate, child support and custody, alimony and prenuptial agreements. 
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